Minecraft 1.4.5, and some 3D Printing

So Minecraft was updated today, to version 1.4.5. Normally when this happens this means I have to release a new version of ComputerCraft, but this time the obfuscation mappings didn’t change, so the already released version 1.47 just works! I hope this becomes a thing, and all updates in future can be this simple. Check the post below for the download link.

In community news, lua superstar Nitrogenfingers just produced his most impressive creation yet, a graphics-driven visual 3D printing system using Turtles and Advanced Computers, check it out:

Nitrogenfingers wrote the “paint” program that comes pre-installed on the Advanced Computers in ComputerCraft, and this system expands the capabilities of this program tenfold, with amazing results. What’s more, he’s offered the entire thing for you to download and use on the ComputerCraft forums. I love the things our Community creates, and I’m definitely planning on showing off stuff like this to anyone who will listen at MINECON this weekend.

More on that later…

9 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.4.5, and some 3D Printing

  1. yay! first comment….. and who saw nitrofingers’ 3d printing video before this post!?

  2. Iv been having problems with mining turtles losing their lable and all programs on them. This is on a server, any ideas?

  3. I need help. I can’t Install it! I have the recommended Forge and the correct version of Minecraft and ComputerCraft. Any tips? Thanks! By the way, this made me learn lua programming language and I LOVE it! Thanks!

  4. Lua “Superstar”? Ha, don’t let his ego get too big.
    🙂 He is far from being a star let alone a superstar

    • I don’t see you making anything amazing! 😛

      He is the best Lua programmer I have seen and has inspired loads of people to use this amazing mod to its limit! I wouldn’t dis him if i were you

  5. A good idea:
    if turtles will have a golden version(advanced) they shoud move left and right.
    or the normal vesion get a while to break a block(like a second) and advanced turtles, breaks blocks faster
    it is two good ideas

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