Minecon minecon miiiinnnneeeecooooonn

Today is an exciting day. Why? Because I’m headed to MINECON in Paris to talk about ComputerCraft! I’ll be talking on the panel Minecraft Modding with the Pros on Saturday at 1PM in The Stronghold, at the New York Convention Centre. It’s unlikely to be streamed live by Gamespot, as it clashes with a talk by notch, but it will probably be recorded and available to watch online after the event for people who aren’t going.

If you are going, I hope to see you there! When I’m not hosting the panel, I’ll be happy to talk to anyone who wants to say Hi. If you Follow me on Twitter, i’ll be posting quite regularly with where I am (and what I look like), so I should be easy to spot.

Viva le Minecraft!

10 thoughts on “#minecon

  1. I wish i could go, this is my FAVORITE MOD!!!!!!!
    Anyways if there is a recording id love to have to link to it. Enjoy minecon bro!

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