Minecon aftermath

So MINECON is over, and I’m sitting here in McDonalds waiting for the Eurostar to take me back to Merry old England. As it turns out, the modding panel went amazingly well: over 700 people showed up, and I got to meet loads of awesome fans and figures from the Minecraft community. The experience was exhilarating, and I’m definitely down for doing something like this again. Here’s the panel, recorded by the guys at Gamespot:

From left to right, the panellists are Sacheverell of minecraftforum.net, Searge and ProfMobius of the Minecraft Coder Pack, myself, Matt from MineZ, Erik from bukkit and mojang, and Austin from MineZ. Massive thanks to all of them, and everyone else I got to meet over the weekend. Good times 😀

23 thoughts on “Minecon aftermath

  1. No one should ever criticize computercraft. Computercraft the best mod ever made and no one in the right mind would ever judge it with anything less than the maximum amount of stars you can rate. BECAUSE COMPUTERCRAFT IS THE BEST MOD OUT THERE!

    True there a lot of great mods but never ever judge computercraft being beneath them!

    U GO DAN!

  2. i started watching the video. looked across the pannel and thought instantly, that is dan200. and then, “yo, im dan200, the creator of the computercraft mod. i don’t know if anyone has played it *large cheer* that was the right responce!” =)

  3. Would it be ilegal if I ever make a mod that’s VERY similar to ComputerCraft, but uses Python instead of Lua? (It wouldn’t have turtles, maybe snakes)

    • well, it probably would be illeagal due to copyrights but if you didn’t make it so similar. maybe it just adds different types of computers. and if you combined it with somthing else (like maybe phones or somthing then maybe.
      if you youtube me (brickbrothers99) i have some very good ideas for a mod. 🙂

      • Ahahaha, the issue is that ComputerCraft does not have a clear licence, unlike most mods. If I actually get on with something, I’ll keep your name somewhere for extra ideas, thanks. I’d like to actually make a mod that features object-orientated programming to have more abstract tasks. Like AI programming on a turtle-but-not-a-turtle (maybe a snake).

    • As long as you don’t copy Dan’s code, I highly doubt it would be illegal. I don’t think he has registered any design patents or trademarks covering CC.

      However, if you intend your mod to be very similar, why not simply suggest that Dan adds support for multiple interpreters? Preferably with a common API that could be used from all of them.

      • I already know he won’t consider it, but I could make a python interpreter in Lua. That might be a nice project.

    Peraonally i think they need you dan but also a some like eloramm or some other big modder

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