ComputerCraft 1.48

Time to celebrate! ComputerCraft has been updated for Minecraft 1.4.6!

Cue the fireworks guy!


ComputerCraft requires Minecraft 1.4.6 and at least version 456 of Minecraft Forge. Once forge is installed, drop into your /mods/ directory, and launch the game.

New Features:

  • Ported to Minecraft 1.4.6
  • Advanced Monitors can now be used as touchscreens
  • Advanced Monitors are now easier to craft
  • Turtles now get slightly less movement from fuel
  • Turtles can now push items
  • Computers can now control Command Blocks, if enabled in the config
  • New API function:
  • A christmas surprise

Happy holiday hacking!

21 thoughts on “ComputerCraft 1.48

  1. Wonder what the Christmas surprise is?! What’s the new crafting for advanced monitors? Oh and how do you control command blocks once it’s enabled in the config? And you forgot Super Turtles.

  2. My apologies, but when I put the computercraft .zip folder in the mods folder and try to run the game, the game crashes. Any ideas as to what I could do to fix that?

    • Install the latest Forge instead of using Modloader and if you have unzipped the archive delete the folder named computercraft in your mods folder and then copy the .zip you downloaded in the folder then it should work 🙂

      • Hi,

        It still crashes. I have this Minecraft forge: minecraftforge-universal-1.4.6-
        I also have other mods running: RedPower 2, Builcarft, IndustrialCraft, NEI, NEI RedPower plugin; WR-CBe core/addons,redpower 1.3.2.

        All of these run great, but when I include ComputerCraft, Minecraft crashes.

  3. Hi,

    Yes. You are right. Both mods cannot be put in the mods folder or else Minecraft crashes. I will wait for IndustrialCraft to be updated for 1.4.6 before I start using ComputerCraft.

    In all cases, thank you very much for the help!

  4. Looks great! I can’t wait to try it. But my internet connection on my trip sucks, so I won’t be able to download MC1.4.6 T_T

  5. I have Industrial Craft for 1.4.6 yet my game still crashed upon loading in Computer Craft. I have latest forge 474, also running Buildcraft, redpower, railcraft. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

    *snip* Please don’t post callstacks here. Your error was a block ID conflect. *snip*

    • The problem is that the block ID 4095 is alredy occupied by industrialcraft.
      To fix this go in your .minecraft/config folder andsearch for a computercraft.cfg and open it with notepad or notepad++
      Then you search in the file for the line:
      I:computerBlockID=4095 and change the number
      Then it should work 🙂

  6. Hello, The problem is the slot 4095 is being taking up by industrial craft block when you were trying to add a computercraft block. Look up how to fix Slot Id errors.

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