ComputerCraft on the BBC

A while ago I was interviewed by Mark Ward from the BBC about Minecraft, ComputerCraft, and its use in learning Programming. Today, the article was published! With quotes from myself, Minecraft Teacher and others, it can be found here on the BBC News website.

If you’ve just read the article and you’re visiting for the first time: Welcome! Check out our Getting Started page to learn more about ComputerCraft and what it can do.

13 thoughts on “ComputerCraft on the BBC

  1. Now this is exciting! Coverage from a national news company – ComputerCraft is really making an impact on the world 🙂

  2. Dan200 Can I please have your source code for computercraft a having trouble with my mod and your source code for computercraft will help me so much

  3. Dan200:
    I want to go back to 1.2.5 (not alpha or beta) and install the zeppelin mod. Can you check it out, and add zeppelin mod support (like have the support like command blocks)

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