ComputerCraft 1.57 and BILLUND 1.01


ComputerCraft and BILLUND both require Minecraft version 1.6.4 with an up to date version of Minecraft Forge installed. Once you have Forge, drop the files into your /mods/ directory, and launch Minecraft.

New Features in ComputerCraft:

  • Ported to Minecraft 1.6.4
  • Added two new Treasure Disks: Conway’s Game of Life by vilsol and Protector by fredthead
  • Fixed a very nasty item duplication bug.

New Features in BILLUND:

  • Ported to Minecraft 1.6.4
  • Fixed the glitches experienced when placing BILLUND bricks while crouching.
  • 100% less infanticide! BILLUND Order Forms are now obtained by killing adult zombies.

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