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One year ago, I booked a ticket to MINECON in Disneyland Paris, and recorded a short video submission to appear on a panel and talk about ComputerCraft. It’s no exaggeration to say that this action changed my life. I got accepted on the panel, and when I was there I made connections that eventually led to me being able to quit my job to work full time on exciting projects like qCraft. Naturally, this year I’ll be going again! I’ll be sitting on the following panels:

  • Developing ModsSaturday, 12pm
    This is one of the first panels of the convention, and it’s a big one. I’ll be talking about the process of designing and building Minecraft mods with some of the biggest modders on the scene, and a very special YouTube guest.
  • The Weird Science of qCraftSaturday, 1:40pm
    Right afterwards, I’ll be sitting with people from MinecraftEdu and Google, talking about the qCraft project: how it came about, what it all means, and what Quantum Physics has to do with Minecraft.
  • Kids Learning CodeSunday, 12pm
    Thanks to ComputerCraft and similar projects, lots of people are using Minecraft to teach programming. I’ll be joining a panel of teachers and students in discussing this, and i’ll be giving a sneak peak of something very fun I’m doing with ComputerCraft in this area.

When I’m not on stage, I’ll be hanging out at the qCraft or MinecraftEdu booths or out and about wandering the convention floor, and there are a few ad-hoc meet and greet sessions planned with fellow mod developers and ForgeCraft members. As always, if you want to track me down, the best way is to Follow me on Twitter, I’ll be posting about my whereabouts whenever anything interesting is happening. See you in Orlando!

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  1. Well. I was going to go. But The tickets were sold out when I checked 😛

    I really live 2 hours away from this years location… There goes my chance 😛

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