qCraft 1.1 – Now with Quantum Portals

Hey all, Just letting you know that the other mod I work on, qCraft, just got a big update. Here’s Toby from mcspotlights with the lowdown:

There’s a bunch of new features for manipulating Quantum Mechanics using redstone, but the star feature is something bigger: Quantum Portals. Taking inspiration from the “many worlds” interpretation of Quantum Physics, Quantum Portals allow you to teleport yourself and your items around your world, between dimensions, and even to different servers. With a network of Quantum Portals, it’s now possible to link up all the different servers you play on to make a single, persistent world!

Grab the download now from qCraft.org, and expect this to appear in some of your favourite mod packs shortly.

5 thoughts on “qCraft 1.1 – Now with Quantum Portals

  1. hahaha elfes!!!!
    go in minecraft/tekkit/ftb open a world and look at the “turtles” today 😀 😀 😀

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