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About Billund

Billund is a new Minecraft mod by dan200, created in 48 hours for the Modjam mod making competition. It brings a fictional brand of toy plastic bricks to the game, that you might find familiar!

Downloading and Installing

The current version of Billund is 1.01. It requires version 1.6.4 of Minecraft, and an up to date version of Minecraft Forge.

Once Forge is installed, simply drag the Billund zip file into the /mods/ directory of your Minecraft install, and launch the game. If you enjoy the mod, please consider making a donation!

Getting Started

In creative mode, you can get started building with Billund by checking out it’s tab in the creative inventory, the only limit is your imagination! In survival, things are a little more complicated: First, obtain a Billund Order Form (they can be found by killing and looting zombies), then save up your emeralds and order your first Billund set. Mind your head, as it will be airdropped from the sky above you!

Modpack License

I give permission to include Billund in any and all Minecraft mod packs, provided it is included unmodified. There is no need to ask permission! If your modpack is popular, please consider making a donation to the development of the mod.

20 thoughts on “Billund

  1. Are you in survival?
    It gives bricks back to me… but they fling off a oddly.

    Cool Mod!!!

  2. Hey dan! im james rangel on youtube.i was hopeing you could maby make billund for1.4.7 for my new Voltz 2 re-build XL.can you please for the cities of creatin?
    (i have you’re computer craft for it! πŸ™‚ )

  3. You can use any forge. They are just different methods of installing. Installer is the easiest.

  4. You should make it so that if you are in survival mode and you step on the bricks, you get damaged half a heart. πŸ˜€

  5. I would love to see that if you stepped on the legoblocks, you would take damage as everyone knows, stepping on lego is rather painful.

  6. I have had no problems, as far as crashes go.

    I do, however, have a few suggestions.

    1) there should be a config for the item that the order form takes, and another for how many per set.

    2) I personally think that the current price is a small bit steep for what you get. I haven’t played with them much though, so maybe I am underestimating how much bang I get for my gems.

    3) Name the chests that drop from the sky, so that if someone orders more than one set at a time, they will be able to tell the sets apart. It gets kinda confusing.

    4) MOAR COLORS! Maybe glow in the dark ones (small light level emission, and they don’t render according to the surrounding light level.)

    5) It would be nice to be able to craft the smaller pieces into bigger ones and back again. Maybe you could use this functionality to make the sets smaller. Just give a bunch of the largest bricks, and they can break up into any size the player likes. Or, include a splitting tool that has a crazy amount of durability in one of the sets. Maybe the starter set. Then add a splitting tool onto the order form. This would make it much easier to store the blocks.

    6) Orderable custom containers for the the blocks. It should be able to store all of the blocks in all five sets in an accessible way. Maybe it could just show the piece, and the number of pieces of that piece that there is. Or, maybe it could have tabs for each color. Ask the community to make a design for the GUI, and a logo for BILLUND.

    7)Windows, doors, and trapdoors. This would tie in with:

    8) BILLUND People. This is a very long distance goal, since it will take quite a bit of doing. They should have an AI similar to villagers, but they would recognize BILLUND doors as the entrance to their houses, and they wouldn’t be able to breed. They would come in packs of 5 from the order form. If possible, it would be nice if they could pickup one stack of a single item, and could be taught to place it in a container. Kinda like Thaumcraft golems, but without the Thaumcraft. Or, they could just be hoarders, and when you make a house, and they live in it, they will take any items that they find and put them in the house in a way that you can get at them.

    All in all, a great mod. Many possibilities. I love it.

    • First off, I LOVE THE LEGO VILLAGER IDEA!!! Its pretty awesome, tough I agree, it would take a while to make. Here are my ideas for the mod:
      1. Make them craftable, so like, you get a plastic molder, (takes emeralds diamonds, very expensive), and plastic (maybe craftable from IC2 rubber along with a crafting recipie for your own), and you also need to make molds in a crafting recipie (maybe iron) and then you dye the plastic in the plastic molder, and mold it in the mold, then you set the brick in an ice-box (8 ice blocks like a furnace and a snowball in the middle, fueled by snowballs, ice, etc.) and you have ONE brick. πŸ˜› (Along with the mold, you get the mold as well, they also stack :D) Your decision! Also, you could just have to order the plastic molder AND the molds >:)
      2. The little Lego people could spawn in a rare daycare village house πŸ˜€ With their own little houses and such πŸ˜€ (That would be SO CUTE!) And maybe baby villagers would automatically go to that house in the day? That would be cool ^.^
      Just my ideas you can decide to use them Dan, your choice!

  7. This mod has so many possibilities!

    I’m thinking about TECHNIC LEGOβ„’ where you can make motors, gears, pulleys, cranks, coggs and so on. Imagine making your own car or dumptruck.

    If it also could interact with the world in a way so that you could make and excavator or a logger. That would be so awesome!

  8. if this isnt compatible with the gulliver mod, you should be ashamed. (or add a smallness potion so you can go in a house youve made)

  9. It would be cool if you could put a billund world type and the whole world was Lego/ Billund i know it would be alot of work but the end product would be awesome!

  10. my ideas: should add little lego people
    2.make them fight (have a choice to do the action)
    3.make it able for them to have armor and tools

    (im a lego fan)

  11. another idea
    -have sets
    example: you place the set on the ground and the bricks make the set
    example: you click the set in your hand it makes the bricks appear in your inventory and there are instructions

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