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Announcement: Forum Guidelines

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Here are some general guidelines for posting:

Note that new guidelines may be added as we see fit.
  • English only - if you do not speak English, please do your best or use a translator service.
  • For new members, please note that you must have three approved posts before being able to create posts without waiting for moderator approval. If you do not see replies to your post right away, it might still be pending approval.
  • Read stickies flagged READ ME!, as they contain forum-specific guidelines.
  • Search before posting, as information on your subject may already exist.
  • Do not post anything which widens the board (i.e., causes horizontal scrolling).
  • When starting a new topic:
  • When posting:
    • Be courteous.
    • Do not bump your own topic. We do have users in several time zones, and most of our users are not logged in 24/7. Please be patient while waiting for a reply to your post.
    • Do not post your personal information. If you wish to contact someone outside of the ComputerCraft forums, please contact them via PM first, and get their contact information there.
    • Put code in [code] tags. Put long text, code or logs in [spoiler] tags.
    • Links should remain relevant to the topic at hand; no inappropriate links, please.
    • Do not post links which use a link shortening service to redirect; post the full link to the final destination.
    • Keep it constructive and use your common sense!
    • Remember to keep your posts and links clean. Inappropriate content will be removed.
    • Avoid horrible formatting. If it hurts to look at, don't post it.
    • Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. We're not grammar nazis, but we are more inclined to read your topic or engage in a discussion if you're taking the time to proofread your posts.
  • Signatures:
    • Three lines of text at the most - do not increase the font size of any part of your signature.
    • Signatures can contain a maximum of 3 URLs - no images are allowed in signatures.
  • Do not post malicious programs.
    • This includes spammers, file deletion/hiding, or joke programs. If your program could cause grief in any way, it's not allowed here.
When someone breaks these guidelines, do not reply to or quote their post - simply ignore it and report it.