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To all who care: My plate is full to the brim. *sigh* I'm involved with 3 group projects this semester, as well as some personal stuff, which means I won't have any time doing anything with Minecraft for at least a few weeks if not a couple of months. Ah well, gotta push forward with RL, right?^^
Mar 26 2013 11:12 PM
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    Has the workload improved at all?
    May 12 2013 07:37 AM
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    Yes, as it turns out I only have one group project now. Although that alone turned out to be more work than I anticipated.
    It is manageable though, it just means that I can't work on hobby projects for a contiguous period at a time.
    Doing some Lua stuff is the most I can manage, but anything Java related would be too much at the moment.
    Which is really a bummer, because I'd love to engage in some modding to experiment with a few ideas.
    But ah well, there's only...
    May 12 2013 08:29 AM