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Posted 13 February 2013 - 12:07 PM


Hello NERDS! This is a place for all my media and programs. so lets get to it.
Do you have suggestions? PM me or reply i love all kinds of feedback (good and bad) keeps me up on what im doing okay on and stuff i need to improve on.

## Planned things to come ##
  • router using the modem api for servers to have private port access exclusive to router only
  • turtleAI API for gps positioning local and global [if available] trying to figure out vars in my API
  • finish Bank System encryption and decryption process
  • Updating TRCVC and GPS Tower Builder (HIGH ACTIVITY)
Pastebin: -- For the complete list of all my created programs
Youtube: -- For all my videos on my programs and my Lets Plays

## Current Program Versions ##

## Programs and Descriptions ##
# Railcraft Tank Monitor #
MONITOR THOSE TANKS! this is an all in one program that can monitor multiple tanks on a single monitor. do you have more tanks than what your monitor can hold, well add more monitors. there is an option to change the channel id for the monitor and for the tanks that serve that monitor. meaning you can have 10 tanks 5 per monitor on 2 seperate channels. The program is completely Dynamic and that it will keep all the tanks within the monitor. I believe openPeripheral makes it possible for me to wrap tank valves on the computer so to run this program you need openPeripheral installed

PLANNED Changes:
  • multiple monitor support
  • a warning option to emit a redstone signal or different option (like to a speaker to annouce to the player)
# Mob Farmer #
a very easy way to control those mobs you want to farm for their goodies. easy to expand, all mobs stored in a 2-d dictionary. things to add off the top of my head is to save mob table to a file to load in if a crash. also save mods [people allowed to use chat commands] to a file as well. maybe more functionality with the chatbox. but overall a very fun build.

Video Showcase: MOB FARM


# Buildcraft MJ Battery Monitor #
This is a monitor that monitor the status of the Redstone Energy Cells. either full empty or in between. the program is set to check for an update in the system every 15 seconds to reduce lag, and with larger systems you do not need to refresh the list very often.

Video Showcase: Buildcraft MJ Battery Monitor


# Timestamp Console #
My Timestamp Console program creates instances of timers for each message received through rednet and shows how old that message is on the monitor.

Video Showcase: Timestamp Console


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#2 Cozzimoto

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 10:01 AM

UPDATE: July 4th

added a mob farm showcase and updated my core api. api documentation is in the working

#3 Cozzimoto

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Posted 08 October 2013 - 06:00 PM

UPDATE: October 8th

yea ive been away for quite some time but in my free time ive added my Tank Monitoring program so you can monitor all your tanks at once. and in the next few days ill finish combining my GPS program into an all-in-one program instead of keeping them split into two.


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