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Posted 26 June 2014 - 03:27 PM

ComputerCraft has an awesome community, and we love playing together on servers.

We've created this section for server owners and managers to advertise their server, and provide their players with updates.

We do have some rules though because we want to make sure that our community stays fun and positive.

  • This section is for active servers only.
    • Do not post your server, advertising that it is coming soon. It will be locked until you notify a moderator or admin that it is active.
    • If your server changes hosts or IPs, update that in your original post. Do not make another topic for the server.
    • If your server disbands, or is no longer active, we may lock the topic to prevent any necromancy.
  • Please make sure that ComputerCraft is in your server.
    • If it's not in there, you might be better taking your server to a community that would appreciate it better.
    • If your server does not have ComputerCraft installed, your topic may be locked or removed altogether.
  • No cracked servers.
    • We do not condone or accommodate piracy of Minecraft. Those people worked really hard to bring you a high quality game that lots of people enjoy. They should get paid for that hard work.
  • Donations are allowed to play on your server.
    • However, in order to comply with Mojang's End-User License Agreement(EULA), you must not charge for any game changing perks, such as god mode, extra item packs, or additional administrative commands.
    • Please refer to the recent clarifications of Mojang's EULA here: https://mojang.com/2...e-follow-up-qa/
  • Do not redistribute mods without the mod owner/creator's permission.
    • Include a list of all mods used in your forum post (or at least, a link to where this list is plainly visible). If a mod requires a "credit" link to its homepage or license, include that too.
    • Not all mods are licensed for redistribution - instead of merging these directly into your pack, provide links so that your users may install these themselves. Please post proof of permission if you include a mod which requires explicit permission.
    • Do not post adf.ly links or other money making links on other people's mods without proper authorization. You may link directly to the mod author's adf.ly links, but making money off of their hard work is not allowed.
  • Other standard forum rules apply to making posts.
    • Do not bump the topic without providing additional, relevant content. If you make an update to your server, feel free to make a post saying that you've done so, and either update your original post, or post the update details at the time of your new post.
    • Do not hijack other topics. You cannot begin discussing your server in other topics, with the intent of "stealing" players from that server. This also includes making posts within your topic that includes content like server speed comparison, additional bonuses for transferring to your server, or any other unsavory competitive methods. Compete with your server, and improve its quality, instead of mudslinging.

Please note that full compliance with all of these rules is required in order to advertise your server in this section. Server posts can and will be removed if violations of these rules are not resolved in a timely manner.

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