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#1 Terra1

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Posted 22 March 2015 - 12:00 AM

You Can Either Be A Hacker Or A Server Owner
You Make A Server Or Website Using The 1000$ You Start With And Gain Money Via These Things You Can Put On Your Website
Ads (Easiest Way)
Selling User Services (Takes Awhile To Set Up But Otherwise Is Easy)
Spam (Illegal Way And Can Get You Arrested When Done In Certain Ways)
Selling Products (Profitable Most Of The Time And Generally Standard)
Donations (Great For Sites That Want Good Reputation)
Then You Set Up Security
Firewalls (Blocks Basic DDOS Attacks)
Antiviruses (Semi-Reliable Way To Get Rid Of Viruses That Get Past The Firewall)
Filters (Gets Rid Of Certain Material That Can Potentially Infect Your Server Or Website)
HTTPS (Secure Connection Good For Users)
Then You Setup Your Domain Name
For Example
Or if you did HTTPS
(You Can Use Whatever TLD You Want Im Just Using .com As An Example)
And If You Are A Hacker You Use Certain Techniques You Make Yourself And Programs You Use From Other Players Or Make Yourself To Hack Into These Websites And Mess Stuff Up And Sometimes Use The Website To Do Stuff Like Form A Botnet Or Remote Control

#2 Lyqyd

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Posted 22 March 2015 - 12:28 AM

This doesn't even look like a game.

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