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Posted 21 September 2015 - 06:25 PM

Hello everyone i hope that this day, is the day you've all be waiting for.

A computercraft email system.

It's not one of those little email systems. They are getting bigger (400+ lines).


1) Server

1.1) Place a advanced computer down and put an modem on the BACK of the computer
1.2) Place an disk drive on top and put a floppy disk in it. This disk contains unread emails
1.3) Type in the advanced computer: pastebin get yDXLgbat startup

2) Normal Computer and Email Account Drive

2.1) Place the computer, place the modem on any side you wish, and the disk drive (not next to each other) and connect them with a WIRED modem and cable. This drive stores your email accounts
2.2) Type in the normal computer: pastebin get QxdZsc9F installer and run the installer
2.3}* If you don't want to use the installer use: pastebin get Z5UQsBGd email

3) Email Tutorial

3.1) Create an email account: 'email create'. Follow the instructions.
3.2) Send an email: 'email send'. Follow the instructions.
3.3) Receive your mail: 'email download'. Follow the instructions.
3.4) Delete your email account: 'email delete'. Follow the instructions.
3.5) Update the program: 'email update'. Does everything automaticly.
3.6) Open admin mode: Create an email account (Suggested Name = Admin) and go to the disk drive where you email accounts are stored. Edit your admin account and replace the last line with admin. Now open: 'email admin' and log in with your admin account.

4) Admin mode

4.1) Help command: Shows the list of commands
4.2) Delete command: Deletes a specified email account (cannot remove the admin account, admin email address and password are asked)
4.3) List command: Shows the list of email accounts
4.4) Clear command: Clears the screen
4.5) Exit command: reboots your pc

}* = optional

Any help needed? Reply!

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