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Blue Net


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Posted 20 December 2015 - 05:22 AM

Blue Net

Hello ComputerCraft Community! I have just come up with an idea to connect my program Blue Bank with a number of programs I plan to make in the future. I have not coded any of this yet, but if people are interested it will be coming after Blue Bank v4.0 is released.

My idea is basically that one server controls all Blue Accounts and to start using my programs you will need to get this server first. You can take whatever add on programs you wish and enable them with this server.

So, for example:

I want Blue Bank. I need to get the Blue Net server first. I then connect a Blue Bank server to it and get a Blue Bank client. All the accounts for Blue Bank will be stored on the Blue Net server and if I choose to get other programs in the future, these accounts will be usable by them.

Let's say that now I want another project of mine called BlueOS. Through BlueOS you can connect to multiple applications based on what you have connected to Blue Net. Since I have Blue Bank already, the features of banking using my BlueOS system are unlocked. I can also use the multiple Blue Accounts that I created through Blue Bank because they are stored on the Blue Net server.

I have many add on programs planned for this and hopefully when I release them, Blue Net will work as a complete network with the ability to access all these programs through BlueOS system and Blue Mobile system.

If you guys have any ideas for this (problems, add on programs, tips) I always love to hear feedback on my work!

I have a general layout for what connects to what, and how this will work, but it is always appreciated to talk about how it could work. Maybe someone can come up with a way better than mine.

Also if you want a list of planned add on programs, I can make one.

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Posted 20 December 2015 - 05:39 AM

No media (or anything, really). Thread closed.

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