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SHgif (a simple way to create and view computercraft gifs)

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#1 SHsuperCM

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Posted 10 June 2016 - 04:38 PM

so my friend asked me if you can make animations
in computercraft.. so i told him to search around the
forums for a program that does that...
he did not come with any results and just challanged me
to make one....

i added to my challange to make that as simple and as usefull
for all people as possible so i come to you with:


SHgif consists of 3 programs:
SHgifC, SHgifL and SHgifP
C to create a gif
L to show a gif
and P to pack/unpack

it all being in one folder that can go on any advanced computer..

but before i go into any details..
i should tell you how to get the program..

just run in any advanced computer the command:

pastebin run ZweyAhNN

and it will install all you need....

every change that is made to the program is updated using the same
installation code..
the installation code will not remove your gifs and will just update the softwares..

launched program!

added an "are you sure" check to the discard

you can now pack and unpack any gif into(and out of) a .SHgif file using NEW SHgifP program!

added "help" to all programs! just type the program's name to view help!(e.x: "/SHgif/SHgifC" now prints "Usage")

moved away from frame gif folders!!
now all gifs are saved inside .SHgif!!
removed the SHgifP program!
(this update is making monitor gifs possible to make... now working on it.....)

the gifs now hold more information:
-how many frames are there
-what version of SHgif it was created on

Todo list:
make a modded version to paint to show frames info and allow faster monitor using
make the programs monitor friendly
add more "help" information to the programs
make a way to pack and unpack gifs

(crossed = did already, bold = currently being worked on)

submit ideas for the todo list...

How to create a gif:
to create a gif simply run the command:
/SHgif/SHgifC <new gif file path>
as is and it will look like the normal paint program made by nitrogenfingers..
but that is because.... its true... im using the exact same paint as any computer would have!

after you do your frames youll want to ctrl-s to save and ctrl-e to exit
when you exit you can click anywhere to move to the next frame which will look exactly like the previous for you to edit and animate....

if you want to duplicate a frame just do ctrl-e after being in a new frame so it would just copy and move a frame...

after you're done with your frames you can ctrl-s and ctrl-e to save and exit and then you can press 'D' to exit Gifing mode

when you exit Gifing mode you can choose from 3 options..
save and quit (will save gif and quit to shell)
keep going (will put you back in gifing mode so you can keep gifing :D )
discard (will delete the gif and put you in shell)

and that's basicly it about the gif creation....

How to view a gif from shell:
to view a gif you created you'll run:
/SHgif/SHgifL <gif file path> <speed> [-n]
while speed is the time between each frame...
it can be any multiply of 0.05 seconds...

this will show the gif at the speed and that's it..
we'll talk about -n argument later...

How to view a gif from code:
to show a gif from code for, idk, OS maybe....

you can use again(but with shell.run):
shell.run("/SHgif/SHgifL <gif file path> <speed> -n")
but with -n at the end... this will make it run like it needs to show the gif and that's it...

All gif files can be saved on pastebin and redownloaded

that's all for now... more will be added....

Edited by SHsuperCM, 19 June 2016 - 04:37 AM.

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