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Sly - A CraftOS Addon

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Posted 07 December 2016 - 07:08 AM

*Please see notice at bottom of this thread*

--[ About Sly ]--
Sly is a CraftOS addon that is packed with features to add to your in-game computers. Please know that Sly is not an operating system, it is simply an addon that adds features to CraftOS.

--[ Notices ]--
Important things to keep in mind (applies only for core structure):
1. Sly does modify your startup, and is a better idea to use with default CraftOS.
2. Sly does not modify any default programs, but simply adds programs.
3. There is only one pastebin you need to download, and it is the installer which does everything for you.
4. Sly and it's files are hosted off a custom website, meaning not the common websites like Pastebin,
5. Sly is not meant to be private, Sly can be used or modified any way you like, with the except that credit is openly provided somewhere that is semi-public. This means that Sly can be used in other programs and operating systems. Downloading Sly's files from the website is also available if you wish to download a file directly.

--[ Features of Sly ]--
- Users can download other addons using Sly's addon downloader, which can enhance Sly's experience.
- Developers can create addons that can be put into the addon store.
- Automatically updates to latest version and files.
- Even more to come!

--[ Purpose ]--
The purpose of Sly is to enhance a users experience when using CraftOS. Starting off after downloading and setting up Sly on your computer, you are provided with only a few features, but you can download other addons and features from the Sly Store, meaning there are many interesting addons for CraftOS. If you download Sly, your computer always checks to make sure it is up to date and ready to go. It works online or offline, although some functions may not be available if offline. You will get a nice little message on startup, as well as the CraftOS version and Sly version, and then your typical shell console to begin. There are featured addons you can download that will probably be very useful to you. For example, Sly has it's very own login system that you can download.

--[ Screenshots ]--
[Screenshots coming soon]

--[ Download Sly ]--
Developer Pastebin: [Not available yet]
Regular Pastebin: [Not available yet]

Sly is not yet publicly out, however a development build is being created for people to test.
Below is the changelog of Sly in it's current state and plans, and is updated often:

+Creating a developer build for testing
+Sly Store continuing to be built
+Developers should be able to start developing right away on new addons
+Continuing to build on SlyAPI (Sly depends on this API to run at all)
+Working on Sly's main downloadable addons (Login system, etc.)
?Minepedia in consideration
?Custom control panel for shutdown and reboot in consideration
-Removed Sly updater, implementing into SlyAPI instead

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Posted 07 December 2016 - 07:56 PM

Thread closed. Please report your topic when you're ready to post code and a moderator will unlock it for you.

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