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ape42 world 8: goatsbuster's abandoned wastewater treatment facility [1.11.2]

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Posted 13 August 2017 - 06:53 AM

Unable to play on the computercraft servers that you actually like for some reason? Or are you a refugee of some kind of odious douchebaggery, from a server you used to think was great? Welcome, and I apologize in advance for the smell, any lag (I hope not), the excessive reading material, and anything else you don't like about this one.

The mods are the usual: Computercraft. Opencomputers and Just Enough Items. But I feel that the the main distinguishing feature is that those mods are combined with the splendid PlayerShopsRPG sponge plugin as well as the typical ones - Nucleus, Payday, Sleepvote and of course GriefProtection.

You get paid an in-game salary, 50 coins an hour, to do anything except AFK. This way everyone has at least a little money to go shopping every once and a while. Maybe you can use your mad coding skills to get rich here, or at least have fun trying.

The server address is ape42.hopto.org, and that's included in the 'multiplayer' section when you download the pack.

Use the pack's technicpack.net site for those and other details, especially the help section, where I link to usage/info pages for all the plugins.

But if you're not going to bother with what I've so carefully written over there, here are the main things:
  • You start with 50 coins already and the spawn point is close to a server 'kit' shop, a basic player shop (but with somewhat more variety than the kit shop), and maybe something else also, for when you've earned more, later.
  • I grant your this, to compensate for the fact that I don't let you place or break blocks until you're some distance away from spawn, because obviously, I don't want to have look at your ugly builds all the time; I have my own ugly builds to annoy me already.
  • When you're running your own shop, I think you should use Minecraft Economy Manager spreadsheet for pricing despite the fact that it's a bit of a pain.
  • For the vast majority of folks looking at this post I think this goes without saying but I'm just going to lay it out anyway: Mainly use the Golden Rule, that is, if you wouldn't like it done to you, don't do it to others. Otherwise, no hacking, scamming, spamming or griefing. Oh and I don't want to hear how the swastika has this perfectly sweet meaning from thousands of years ago, I don't care. No goddamned swastikas. Profanity doesn't really bother me unless you're using it to be abusive, but others might not like it so just be considerate.
  • Since this server has Nucleus, remember you can use /mail send <playername> <message> to me (goatsbuster) or other offline players. I especially want to know if you think you've found a bug in one of the mods or plugins, or if you think you're experiencing so much server-based lag that's it's no fun to play.
  • I'm really crossing my fingers on performance. I detail the specs at the technicpack site but the network connection should be plenty fast. I have one player who plays remotely sometimes and doesn't think there's any server lag. But let me know. This server has finite resources so I'm limiting the player count to 7 for now. If it turns out to be consistently terrible even with one or two remote simultaneous players I'll probably end up getting this post removed; again if so I apologize in advance. On the other hand if the server is full without performance complaints I might loosen up the player count a bit.
  • My backup policy is, at least once a week; sometimes as much as every day depending on what's going on..
Despite all that I've typed above, I think you might actually have a good time on this server. Certain people who I keep urging to play on my servers, have actually started playing on this one quite a bit lately, so maybe after the first 7 attempts ape42 has finally amounted to something.


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#2 rdalkire

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Posted 13 August 2017 - 04:10 PM

Another thing about shopping, if you haven't used PlayerShopsRPG before. To actually view prices and availability, and buy and sell things, type
/shop browse
There will be a clickable menu.

When you go to one of my shops: The item frames don't do anything, they aren't clickable. It's simply my own way to help visually categorize my goods.

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Posted 15 October 2017 - 04:55 AM

The spawn region is now much safer - Hostile mobs still spawn in but now they're mostly harmless. You might still find it annoying due to the size but at least you probably won't get killed there.

Also I've added warps to shops. Note one of the warps actually costs a little money to use - you'll see why once you see the name of it in the /warps listing. Note you could certainly find that location for free by exploring spawn region a little.

If you set up your own shop, /mail goatsbuster the location and if I like it I'll add a warp to it.

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Posted Today, 09:32 PM

I have added the plethora mod.

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