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Posted 22 October 2017 - 11:15 PM

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QuickPaint is a simple paint program. And when I say simple, I mean its a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) program.
The files are also compatible with Paint (from the default ROM). Although it doesn't like loading files that were originally made by Paint, you can load files that were made with QuickPaint and also touched by Paint. (loading directly from paint = bad; making picture in quickpaint, then editing a little in paint = ok) Why? Paint has support for transparency. QuickPaint doesn't.

What makes it Quick?
It isn't. If anything, its a little slower due to the way I program my GUIs!
The "Quick" prefix comes from programs I make, because they're simple. (and no, you can't find these on the web)

What are its features?
  • Makes pictures
  • Somewhat cross-compatibility with Paint
  • Clears (by pressing C)
  • Saves/loads
  • Click the red circle at the upper right hand corner of the screen to quit.
There really isn't much to say. It's a paint program!

How to use:
You use it like a Paint program.
Keybinds: (S)ave, (L)oad, ©lear
Press ? to get help from the program.

Where can I download this?
You can get it on PasteBin - pastebin get 1KAd2e20

Under GPLv3. Just PM me if you want to do something like include it in your OS.

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Posted 24 October 2017 - 07:08 AM

This is pretty neat. Good job.

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