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Wireless Chat Manipulation

wireless networking utility

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Posted 14 January 2018 - 07:22 PM

*Important* This program is for educational purposes only!

This program provides a console to manipulate wireless chats. I created it to test how to build up a penetration tool.

mcp <ccpenlib path>

mpc A72U1Z9f
ccpenlib D0Pf5XpJ

find server
find user 1 -- <- Server ID
interact user 1 1 -- Open console to write using this user
-- Use a "?" prefix to write private messages to this user
-- Use a ":" prefix to write public messages from this user
-- Messages without prefix are public by default
-- Use "!exit" to exit the interact view
kill user 1 1 -- This will kill the users connection to server
kill server 1 -- This will kill the server and all connections
-- User a "$" prefix to access the normal shell console
With the command "help" you can get a list of all avaible commands.
For a second look at all functions, you can look in the file mpc at the lines 127 to 429.
All functions are alphabetical sorted.

User routines doesnt work correctly. Because of that creating a new user or listing all posted messages wont work.
The functions hijack and interact with server arent implemented.

This project is many months old so I wont work on this anymore.

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