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CraftOS-EFI: ComputerCraft Operating System for UEFI

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 06:01 AM

DISCLAIMER: v0.1 does not support running on real hardware. I am actively working to fix this bug, but it may be a while until I can figure this out.

Introducing CraftOS-EFI, the worst ComputerCraft emulator that is its own operating system (or something). It runs under a native UEFI environment, so you can pretty much just boot straight into CraftOS without loading any other operating system.

Note that this is different from my main emulation project, CraftOS-PC, which is a fork from the same parent code base but has way more features than this.

Here's a screenshot:
Posted Image

Version v0.1:
  • Does not include HTTP support
  • Does not support Ctrl/Alt keys (don't open edit.lua!)
  • May not support background colors?
  • Works in QEMU using OVMF EFI image
  • Is very slow (at least in a VM)
  • Must be run from the EFI shell (included in compiled image)
You can download the latest version from https://github.com/M...releases/latest. Each release includes the raw EFI image that you can put on your EFI System Partition, as well as an image file that you can boot a VM from or flash to a USB drive. You can run the image in the QEMU emulator using an OVMF image, see the Ubuntu Wiki page for more info.

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