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CC-ASM: A novelty assembly language for ComputerCraft

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Posted 02 March 2020 - 05:40 AM

CC-ASM: Novelty Assembler for ComputerCraft

This project implements a simple assembly-like language for Computer Craft.

* Compiled 68k-esque assembly language for Computer Craft.
* API for compiling and running CC-ASM programs.
* API for adding your own instructions.
* Standalone CC-ASM program debugger.
* XUnit-inspired test runner for Computer Craft.

Code and Usage: https://github.com/Trystan-C/CC-ASM

CC-ASM comes with a visual debugger that can be used to view memory, view registers,
and step the CPU.

To show that you can do some neat things with CC-ASM, I've written a really, really
simple pong clone in the language. It flickers a lot, but it works.


Demo Code

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