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It's the guy from FoxData, 5 years later

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Posted 23 November 2022 - 07:51 PM

Hello, you may remember me or you may not, it doesn't really matter, all what does is that i'm still alive, this forum not so much, you can't even sign up anymore, and it seems there's more discussion on reddit and some new forum, i'm posting it here as this is the original, all my old posts are still up if you want to see, i'm the person who between 2016 and 2017 "ran" a virtual software company called FoxData on the Lurcraft server, this generated a lot of controversy and to this day i don't know why as there was many other virtual companies, i was at times rude on here though but Lur was especially rude to me and others, he would play god with people on his server infecting our computers with malware, i remember reading that FoxData was against Minecrafts TOS and EULA, something to do with not being allowed to use games to start companies or make money, FoxData was never incorporated as a real company, never made real money, aside from the worthless fake crypto krist, and besides there are tons of people making mods for games and asking money for them and they are not being sued, i wasn't even one of them though.

So what happened? why did i leave suddenly? if you remember the FoxData tower on the lucraft server (i used to have screenshots but lost them in a hard disk crash, it was just a boring tower mainly empty, "we" had like 3 or 4 different HQs but the tower was the last) i actually had a friend and we worked in seperate offices on the same floor, we would come up with new ideas for software that was to published on this forum, i was into a movie called WarGames back then so we even made a DEFCON software but never published it, but as i said i and we all had strained relationships and Lur especially hated us, this was after he made that cryptolocker thing that he infected us all with, back to the tower though, which we made to be very secure, or so i thought, my friend had his office locked behind a passworded computer, but we had a server room one floor below and this guy in a stupid move decided to link the computer to a drive in the server room below (i can't remember exactly how secure the server room was, but i'm pretty sure it was a push button lol) and store his password on that drive in plaintext, i know because i was messing around in the server room one day and saw his password in the file, i was going to tell him but something happened before i could.

One day i logged into Lurcraft and found the FoxData HQ had been ransacked, the door to my friends/co-workers office had been left open and everything was gone, the perpetrator had obviously got the password from the unsecure server room below, my friend had a safe in his office, never knew what he stored in it, that was gone, as i remember his whole office was empty, and someone had obviously been in the server room, to this day i don't know what happened, if my friend just decided to leave me, or if Lur banned him and ransacked his office for working with me (this was also shortly after we were disconnected from a network project and kicked out of another tower for smashing a window)

I decided to leave for good, i wasn't going to be treated like this from a server admin, i may have logged in a few more times but i don't remember much.

Where am i now? even before this incident i was taking up other hobbies that didn't involve computers, i turned my mind to more real life centric stuff, i knew i was a stupid teen and i wanted to fix my life so i did, i turned my life to making an impression in my local communities and journalism and later art, that's all i'm going to say, i don't mess with computers anymore, in fact i don't really get on with them, and i don't program anymore, i last programmed something in VB back in 2018, it was actually a rather mission critical piece of software that's still in use today, although i lost the source in the aforementioned hard drive crash so i can't support it anymore, i left the programming world but not without leaving an impression with that software, which if you can imagine a screen on the wall in an airport, its for that sort of thing, so it's been seen millions of times the world over.

I'm doing good now, although the COVID pandemic slowed things down a bit, i've lost things i loved, not animate things but still things that i loved, but i'm strong and i want to get out of it, i do still play games, just not as much, i last played minecraft back in 2020, i built a house that was a mix of 18th and 21st century elements, then microsoft screwed my account up and i haven't been able to play since.

The only thing i really still do with technology is i'm a shortwave listener in my spare time, i listen to number stations and all that and i also have a HAM license to transmit.

I'm posting this just to get it out, i don't know if people wonder where i am now or even if i'm still alive, i just wanted to get it out on this now dead forum even if no one ever sees it, feel free to ask me any questions about foxdata, and to anyone reading this, have a nice day.

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