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[OpenComputers] print3d

17 July 2018 - 05:06 PM

pastebin get Lr9UyrkR print3d

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Allows a Command Computer to produce 3D Prints, as though it were a 3D Printer from OpenComputers.

(OpenComputers must obviously be installed.)


print3d <fileName> [count]

... where the file is a 3dm object. The script will /give the result to the nearest player, and also save a text file with the "give" command to disk.

3dm files depict models using Lua tables (formatted per this example). Each can be no larger than a single block, although multiple prints can be stacked in the world to create larger builds.

As this script is only accessible to operators, regular OpenComputers printing limitations are disregarded: the per-model shape limit is removed (no "model too complex" errors), and flat shapes also become possible (no "empty block" errors).

You can gain ready access to this sample collection of models with BBPack:

bbpack mount https://github.com/OpenPrograms/Sangar-Programs/tree/master/models models
print3d models/whatever.3dm

And here's the shape from the screenshot above:

pastebin get NvDBMD7f Thingy.3dm

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