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The lack of ReCaptcha is saddening

08 July 2019 - 08:42 AM

This is my first time back on the forums in a loooooong while, and while it looks and feels the same, I can see that the activity is dropped. Which of course is due to the fact that no one can sign up anymore due to the lack of ReCaptcha. I loved this place and now it's dead.

I grew up on ComputerCraft, I learned a majority of my fundamentals of programming from these very forums. Back then, the forums were ablaze with new posts, new code, new topics day in and day out. And now? Now it's a ghost town... I'll be honest here, I love you guys. I haven't been here for a long while, but I remember a lot of you guys, BB, SquidDev, Lyqyd, I remember all of you, and I treasure the memories of those days. Days of helping, of learning, of just being challenged with new problems that people had in AAP, and while I drifted away, found other projects and code bases to learn, ComputerCraft holds a very special place in my heart. Hell, I remember the guy who before getItemDetails came out, made a self replicating turtle! It was fantastic!

And I'm using it again, after all this time, I'm playing minecraft again, and coding small programs for the base (ATM a storage system, in which 2 'user' facing chests, a monitor, and wired modems to transfer to hidden chests), and I'm loving it! I've used the wiki again, because I've forgotten some small functions here and there, and then I checked on the forums, and.. Nothing.

This is actually kinda depressing, this vibrant community I joined in my teen years and learned how to code, how to do what I absolutely love, and it's empty. And not from lack of trying on your guys's part, but you don't have the power to do anything. On a good day years ago there would be like 10+ new topics on ask a pro, with new replies popping up every hour or two. It was amazingly fun. I'm immensely saddened that the experiences that I had, and the learning opportunities I had are pretty much gone. No one new can ask a question, or even try to answer a question. This could probably be fixed if Dan made Lyqyd an admin like way back when. Oh and somehow my account is older than Lyqyd's :P

I'm sad now... I love you guys <3