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About Me

Programming is like a puzzle. Programming with coroutines is like a puzzle where all the corner pieces stole your passport and fled the continent.

My specialty is making utilities for CC, but sometimes I'll make a short game. Don't ask me for help with advanced networking based nonsense, but I'll be happy to help with debugging or whatever.

Here's all my stuff.

-- U T I L I T I E S --

STD (Super Text Downloader) - It's a pastebin-clone downloader with both a CLI and a damn fine GUI, along with an appstore that can download from other appstores, like Discover. One of my best programs for ComputerCraft Contract it now!

Workspace - My first attempt at what can be called an "operating system" for ComputerCraft, this allows you to multitask programs by navigating a 2D grid instead of using a menu. This is to save on screen real estate, as some programs (foolishly) hardcode 51 and 19 as screen sizes. Also, like, it looks cool as hell.

Map - A GPS-based minimap for advanced and normal pocket computers! It can even track other users of the program, and send turtles to coordinates/waypoints. This was my first real program, and while it's buggy and probably not very functional, it holds a special place in my memory for not being complete and total toss.

Ports - A basic modem configuration thing. It can open or close certain channels, sniff for packets, or lock modem communication altogether. Really thwarts network hacking.

mSend - A file sharing utility that uses the string metatable bug in ComputerCraft 1.63 and earlier. Since 1.7x, it's been patched, but it's still a nifty utility for older versions.

PCan (PasteCCan) - A pastebin.com client that can create, delete, view, and download files from Pastebin! It can't edit, but that's the API's fault. May crash if paste names contain special characters on CC1.73 and lower.

On - A program that activates all computers connected through modem cables, and displays their name and ID onscreen. It can run in the background by itself on normal computers, if that's your thing.

Less - A port of the UNIX command that displays the contents of files. It can go to line number, but I haven't worked in a find feature...yet! Less is more, probably!

PAIN - My own paint program. Designed with an infinitely scrolling canvas, text support, multiple frames, and the ability to open/save to and from NFP, NFT, BLT, UCG, and GIF formats. Teletext character selection is also supported. Even the menu is good, all things considered. It's one of my best programs, if a bit flickery.

The Periodic Table of Elements - Yes, the whole periodic table of elements, viewable in ComputerCraft. Click on an element to view it, and use the arrow keys to scroll around or change element. I have yet to add electron configurations, but give me a break, okay??

Sinelock - A SHA256, salted door/computer lock that displays a beautiful pattern of a sine wave while you enter in your password. This lock can even take floppy disks with a password loaded on it and use that as key cards! It can also take multiple passwords, has a configurable color palate, supports multiple languages...*cough*...oh, and it has a funny script if someone tries to terminate multiple times.

Enchat - It's an AES-encrypted, decentralized chatroom with scrolling, commands, and support for normal computers. If you've got overlay glasses, it'll send notifications to the top-left corner of the screen! Supports HTTP chat using Gollark's Skynet API. Chat can be color formatted using '&' and '~' for prettier text and names. You can even use '&k' to obfuscate your text. Encryption key can be changed on the fly. Never use the default chat again!

Whisk - An encrypted file/folder transfer program. Has both a CLI and GUI, and as such supports normal computers. Uses valithor's "ehhhhh" encryption, which will eventually be changed to AES. It's named as such because it 'whisks' the files away...oh never mind.

PROGDOR - A program that compresses folders into files, and back. It uses the CCA compression algorithm, but it can be disabled if you find it takes way too long to compress stuff. Named after the fabled burninator of yore.

DIE - A cool D20 die for your D&D adventures! Can do multiple dice, variable side count, advantage/disadvantage...and that's about it. It can roll a 3d6.

LDDFM - An API-based file manager coded for the specific reason for picking files/folders in installers and other such programs. Also designed to be inserted directly into your code, so I added a nice way of localizing all variables.

MONC 2.0 - A program used to mirror your terminal output to some monitors! You can add and remove which monitors to mirror to, and disable and enable the whole process with a simple command! Does not work in the latest version of ComputerCraft, but give me time, m'kay?

Turtle Positioning System (TPS) - A program for turtles that allows them to replicate the functions of a GPS server by moving in a specific 2*2*2 motion and tracking its coordinates! One turtle is enough to give the coordintates for a single 'gps locate', but multiple GPS requests might require the use of another turtle because of the timeout on 'gps locate'.

FakeChat - This command program converts minecraft formatted text to a JSON format, then runs it through /tellraw! Spoof the chat of other players! Even works as a server with non-command computers connecting to it! Family friendly way to piss the fuck out of admins and basic users alike!

WPath - This renders a colorful arrow that scrolls. Useful for making a bitchin' looking path using monitors. It's probably not the best for server lag, though.

-- G A M E S --

TRON - A 2D multiplayer lightcycle game that supports HTTP via Gollark's Skynet. You roam about in a lightcycle that leaves a trail, and the goal is to trap the enemy player and get them to crash. You can move in four directions, release your trail for a limited time, and pan the camera. Completely playable with the mouse, and supports ComputerCraft for 1.7.10 (CC 1.75). This is the prettiest CC game I've ever made, and it also plays the best.

QuickDraw! - A Western shootout game similar to Wild Gunman on the NES. You put your mouse on the bottom-right corner of the screen, wait till' it says 'draw', then quickly let go on your opponent! It gets quicker every time you get a successful shot. It's buggy and not very good, but I made it a long-ass time ago.

Breakout! - Clone of the Atari classic Breakout, now for ComputerCraft! Takes mouse input or arrow keys, and I think it's advanced-only. Do you have the skill patience to break all the blocks?

Wall Dodge! - You are a special-ops KGB agent infiltrating the top secret military research facility located deep underground in Michigan. The goal is to steal their ultimate project: the mass diminuizer, which allows for a theoretically infinite stretch of space within a small volume. If this remains in enemy hands, bombers could carry millions of bombs at once, guns could carry endless magazines, and pens would never run out of ink. You sneak in using a stolen keycard from an incapacitated guard -- but you are caught in the act! The head of research speaks through the comm, taunting you and your ineptitude. Rather than outright killing you, all the doors close, and the exit rests at the end of an endless hallway kept together with the mass diminuizer, and you really need to piss. Seeing no other choice, you sprint towards the light at the end of the tunnel, but suddenly - lasers pop from the walls, narrowing your path! If you plan to escape alive, you'd better go fast -- and in one piece, too!

Super Wall Dodge! - The evil doctor is back to his old tricks and you have to stop him to save the world

-- B R O K E N   S T U F F --

MCCI (Corouotines, Statemachine) - My answer to Betabot or the Dark Lord's bot. It was gonna be a chatbox-based command interpreter that would take in modular commands and run them in a special environment asyncronously with one another. This would allow things like Adventure to be played by more than one player at the same time, which would be sweet as balls. Unfortunately, due to my inexperience with coroutines, development has kinda stopped. Someday I'll recode it with a new resolve.

*  *  *

If you're gonna look at my programming skills in general based on things I've made, I wish to be represented by these fine programs:
  • Enchat3
  • Tron
  • PAIN
  • Sinelock

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