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LDRIS - Deluxe port of Tetris (Multiplayer | HTTP via Skynet)

21 November 2019 - 08:09 AM

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Download with:

wget https://github.com/LDDestroier/CC/raw/master/ldris.lua

LDRIS is an advanced port of Tetris to ComputerCraft, complete with many modern functions that you'll see in official releases.
  • Holding tetraminos
  • Ghost pieces to see where your tetramino will fall
  • Hard dropping / Soft dropping
  • Online/Modem Multiplayer (thanks again Gollark) with garbage attack
  • T-spin recognition (including T-spin triples)
  • Optional TGM locking controls (hard dropping won't lock / soft dropping WILL lock)
Movement was made to replicate modern Tetris titles as well, so tetraminos should move smoothly across the screen as they would in something like Tetris DS or The New Tetris.

  • LEFT or RIGHT: Shift tetramino
  • UP: Hard drop tetramino
  • DOWN: Move tetramino down (fast drop)
  • Z or X: Rotate tetramino counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively
  • Left Shift: Hold tetramino / replace current tetramino with held one
  • Q: Quit game (watch out, this cancels multiplayer games with no prompt!)
It's 3 in the morning I'll write a longer forum post later

Progdor2 - folder archiving and file transfering program

23 May 2019 - 05:56 AM

Now introducing, the complete rewriting of the previous version...


Burninating the previous version since 2016

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LDDestroier/CC/master/progdor2.lua
std ld progdor2

Progdor2 is a utility that packages folders into archives for easy distribution.
There are several other features, too, such as compression (CCA, thanks to minizbot2012), self-extraction, and modem/HTTP file transferring with Skynet (thanks to Gollark).

(Progdor2 is super useful, I swear!)

Full list of arguments:

Tell me some tellings in the comments. It gives me validation.

I get that BBPack exists, I get it

Disknet: "Modem" communications through a disk drive!

02 May 2019 - 02:58 PM

Want to have modemless interdimensional communication, but Skynet is too slow? (it's not that slow)

Are you on a version of ComputerCraft that doesn't support websockets? (update, you luddite)

Or are you that guy?

Then Might I IntroDuce To You


The Only Network API That You Can Download By Executing The Command:

wget https://github.com/LDDestroier/CC/raw/master/disknet.lua

Disknet works by using a shared directory between two or more computers to emulate the functionality of a modem.

You open a "channel" file, then can send/receive messages to/from it.

While one machine is receiving, it is constantly checking the channel file for changes. If it finds one, it will re-read it and see if a new message was sent.

This reads one or more files every tick, so using several channels might slow it down a tad.

This might not seem useful, but if you have two duplicated floppy disks with the same ID, you can use this for private inter-dimensional communications!

Without that, you can also essentially double the maximum possible length of wired cables from 256 to 512 by sticking a disk drive w/ a disk at the halfway point. That's useful, probably.

I've always wanted to make something like this since 2014, but never knew how until now!

Here's the list of functions and their uses:

Tell me what you think in the comments, or I'll eat your shoes

Workspace - Desktop grid multitasking in ComputerCraft!

23 April 2019 - 08:43 PM

Ever use a Linux desktop and really like the way you could switch between different virtual desktops, or maybe you just don't like clicking through menus when multitasking?

look let's just get this over with I haven't eaten anything all day



The Spiffiest Task Selector

wget https://github.com/LDDestroier/CC/raw/master/workspace.lua
pastebin get s0ehEQvA workspace.lua
std ld workspace

Workspace is a multitasking wrapper for ComputerCraft that lets you switch tasks by switching between different "virtual desktops" instead of clicking through a menu, as you would with "bg" or most CC operating systems.
Whenever a program exits, the workspace becomes "inactive", taking up no resources at all. Terminate in an inactive workspace to exit.

Push CTRL + SHIFT + ArrowKey to change your workspace.
Push CTRL + SHIFT + TAB + ArrowKey to swap the current workspace with another.
Push CTRL + SHIFT + [W or A or S or D] to add a new workspace relative to the currently focused workspace.
Push CTRL + SHIFT + P to toggle pausing a workspace.
Push CTRL + SHIFT + Q to delete the current workspace.

The grid is 3x3 by default.