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LDRIS - Deluxe port of Tetris (Multiplayer | HTTP via Skynet)

21 November 2019 - 08:09 AM

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Download with:

wget https://github.com/LDDestroier/CC/raw/master/ldris.lua

LDRIS is an advanced port of Tetris to ComputerCraft, complete with many modern functions that you'll see in official releases.
  • Holding tetraminos
  • Ghost pieces to see where your tetramino will fall
  • Hard dropping / Soft dropping
  • Online/Modem Multiplayer (thanks again Gollark) with garbage attack
  • T-spin recognition (including T-spin triples)
  • Optional TGM locking controls (hard dropping won't lock / soft dropping WILL lock)
Movement was made to replicate modern Tetris titles as well, so tetraminos should move smoothly across the screen as they would in something like Tetris DS or The New Tetris.

  • LEFT or RIGHT: Shift tetramino
  • UP: Hard drop tetramino
  • DOWN: Move tetramino down (fast drop)
  • Z or X: Rotate tetramino counter-clockwise and clockwise respectively
  • Left Shift: Hold tetramino / replace current tetramino with held one
  • Q: Quit game (watch out, this cancels multiplayer games with no prompt!)
It's 3 in the morning I'll write a longer forum post later