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CCJam 2017 is here!

06 August 2017 - 04:20 AM

CCJam 2017

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Live Countdown

CCJam is an annual ComputerCraft competition held every summer since 2013! It is a place for ComputerCraft users and enthusiasts from all skill levels and time periods to see what they can make. Even you, reading this right now, are welcome to participate.

Every participant creates a program that runs in or around ComputerCraft on their own during the time period. Once the time period ends, all the submissions will be judged by members of the community in high standing. They will comment on and analyse your work, giving you their insight into your program which you can use to shape your skills and become an even better programmer in the future.

In addition to these comments and scores, the top 3 highest rated submissions will win prizes called "medals" - they are graded gold, silver and bronze respectively - and they will distinguish you and your work and put you in the hall of fame with other medalists from years past.

There will be 5 judges and all of them will score and comment on your work. Here is a list of this year's judges:
  • 3d6
  • oeed
  • nitrogenfingers
  • 1lann
  • apemanzilla
This year's competition will run from Saturday, August 12 to Saturday, August 19. You can find a live countdown on ccjam.ceriat.net.

Want to join?
All you have to do if you want to participate is reply to this thread saying you want to! You may optionally decide to post a link to a GitHub or other repository that you can upload your completed program to at the end of the competition. Traditionally, particpants have streamed their progress live on Twitch or YouTube, and though this is completely optional, if you like you can leave your stream URL in a post too. Finally, you can choose to represent a ComputerCraft server of your choice - just mention your favorite one. It has to either be currently online or planning to be online. You can also choose to just participate independently.

Remember not to start working on your projects until midnight UTC on August 12! You can use any API released before the date of this post, August 5.

When you have finished, just make another post to this thread with a link or paste to your submission. Mind the deadline!

I will be answering any questions in this thread, and there will probably be a live group chat set up before the event begins.