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mounter - a mounting API

26 May 2019 - 02:03 PM


Mounter is an API that is there to provide mounting-like utilities.


mounting - mount any directory to any other. (For example, mount a disk drive to /borkbork/ or so)
unmounting - reversing the above step
chrooting - changing the root directory to something else (mounting still works, this is useful in combination with chrooting when you want to mount a directory that is "below" the chrooted one)
unchrooting - reversing the above step

And yes, this API is sandboxing compatible. I used it for PBL: http://www.computerc...ion-bootloader/



PBL - The Partition BootLoader

23 May 2019 - 02:38 PM


PBL is finally in 1.0! Mounting, chrooting and so on work!

NEW VERSION! We are in Version 1.1 since a bug prevented mounting in CC:Tweaked. I needed to change a line in /pbl/mounter from mounter = {} to _G.mounter = {}.

PBL Is a Bootloader that allows multiple operating systems to be installed at the same time to a computer.
I called it the *partition* BootLoader because every OS is treated like it's own partitions, i.e. from the OSes perspective, it's directory is the root directory.

Partitions are saved to /partitions/<num>/.

To install it, type:

pastebin run nP1tVn2b

This will copy any pre-existing OS to /partitions/1/.

I have tried this with OneOS and yes, it does in fact work!

In order to install a new os, do this:

OSes I tested this with:

Overriding fs functionality

22 May 2019 - 03:29 PM

I am currently working on a bootloadee that runs OSes in a Sandbox.

To do this I override every single function in fs to prefix the root directory.

This works like a charm for my applications (Empam) but as soon as I try to run OneOS the system crashes because of „Loop in gettable“

I did some reading and found out that it‘s appearantly caused by setfenv.

_G and setfenv is a big magic box to me, so how would I implement this properly?

Is a "graphics mode" ever going to become a reality?

11 May 2019 - 07:54 PM

I'm talking about this specifically: http://www.computerc...037#entry220037

I'm aware dan200 no longer really actively develops CC, but I'm unsure wether the graphics mode I just linked to will ever become a reality. Back in the day it seemed like it was going to happen soonish, and now we're here a full 3 Years later.

Any clue?

Rednet localhost

04 May 2019 - 03:48 PM

Hello! Currently I am writing a display manager software (Think X11) that should consists of a server (who runs the actual programs) and some clients (which runs the I/O, you can have multiple clients per server, so you could have headless systems (=non-advanced computers that run "advanced" software)).
Now since most users (including me) tend to run programs locally, I want to have the possibility to run a tserver and tclient on the same machine and connect the tclient to the local tserver.
Issue is, that I want to send the I/O information and the frame information via rednet (so I can have a display server and multiple clients.)

So this brings up two questions for me:

1) Can I rednet-connect to localhost and if so
2) can I do so without having a modem installed (Needing a modem to connect to localhost is pointless, let's face it.)?

Hope somebody can answer this.

EDIT: By testing, I found out that rednet.send(os.getComputerID(), <message>) works just as it should AND that this works regardless if a modem is opened.
Meaning this works even if no modem is open or attached:
rednet.send(os.getComputerID(), "Testmsg")

local sender, msg = rednet.receive()

will output
just as expected.