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")" expected while there is a bracket

11 May 2019 - 09:27 PM

While I indeed expect to be blasted by people with this ugly, hardly readable line of code I'm about to barf here, I am having a problem.

I am creating a program to replace mobs with armoured mobs (Using a Command Computer). All data handling and such is done elsewhere in the code, and I have confirmed that it works and carries the correct information. However, the line I am using to actually spawn the new mob throws an unexpected error:
")" expected

I am confused about this. I see no syntax being broken. I would appreciate if somebody could explain what is going on here and why it is occurring

"execute @e[type="..tag["Name"]..",tag=!enhanced] ~ ~ ~
/summon "..tag["Name"].." ~ ~ ~

I put it in a pastebin for if you needed a single line

Thanks in advance

Edit: Forgot to add an F

Edit2: Here is the function associated with this line