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Funny CC error through easy script

30 May 2019 - 08:38 PM

Hello guys,

I found out, how to smash a CC computer, so it is unuseable, unless you rebuild it (if labled) or untill you reload your map (i actually don't know how it would react on a server).

However, don't use this script, if you have important data on your CC computer, unless you are in full control of your computer.

I don't think that the code is malicious, cause it will just freeze your CC PC and it won't delete anything, but be carefully while testing it.

Some questions:
Why on earth is it working?
Why on earth is it telling me, that theres an issue resuming bios.lua?
Why on earth cannot i restart the computer?

Is this issue working for you?
My game hung up for a few seconds, untill this error arises (i think 10).

I tested this code a few times and on other PCs:
- Same PC I don't know why, but after i rebuild the PC, i get a too long without yielding
- Another PC I can restart the computer