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Wireless monitor

06 March 2019 - 09:08 AM

"Just Gekto" made this program, but was unable to create an account for this forum and has asked me to make this post. For more info see: https://forums.compu....msg359#msg359.

CC wireless monitor beta 1.1
Change log:
- Added auto update

This program allow you to cast your computer screen over rednet.

Know issues:
- term.setCursorBlink() dont work
- shell.compleate() causes crash
- big graphical programs may freeze or display half of image

Sloves of isues:
- disabe shell.complete() by entering this to the shell "set bios.useautocompleate false"

Api docs:
return table with all the functions of remote term

Plans for future updates:
- Working term.setCursorBlink()
- Working shell.autocomplete()
- Faster way to send commands (no lags)
- Ability to interact with programs using any of screens

Github repository: https://github.com/J...ireless-monitor

Pastebin installer:https://pastebin.com/AYupa3Xu

Install command:
pastebin run AYupa3XuShowcase:


2D noise generation API (with demos)

07 July 2018 - 01:44 PM

Hello everyone, today I present to you my 2d noise generation API.
It's grid-based and only really has one function.

API Pastebin: XpmVCuU3

Demo1 Pastebin: ebwe7qjQ

(Second and third demo require the BLittle API and my BufferAPI)
Demo 2 Pastebin: rpLzDPmh
Demo 3 Pastebin: MUSiLETr

BLittle: http://www.computerc...76-blittle-api/
BufferAPI: http://www.computerc...343-buffer-api/

You have my permission to include this API in any of your projects. =)

noise.createNoise(size, x, y, seed, [smoothness])
-- parameters:
-- size: the size of the noise you want, a power of 2
-- x: the x-coordinate of the chunk you want to get
-- y: the y-coordinate of the chunk you want to get
-- seed: the seed to use when generating the noise
-- [smoothness]: (optional) default is 1, minimum is 0. The maximum for this variable depends on the size of the noise you want to generate

-- returns:
-- noise: a two-dimensional table filled with values from 0 to 1

Video explanation: