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repeat until not working

17 December 2019 - 11:59 AM

This keeps happening on and off. Works then doesn't. Then works then doesn't.

Very odd behavior.

Earlier ones that did work, for some weird reason are accepting any answer despite checks.

look for startupConfig

I tried reloading the world and reloading the game.


What could possibly cause things to work and then not?

EDIT: LOL I think I know whats about to be said, you said it earlier in another post...

Meh. I'm done with this MC version anyway. too unreliable, must be a memory leak causing things to work and then not or behave oddly.

vars not being passed as part of a string to a function?

17 December 2019 - 05:28 AM

ok so say i have this:

local foo="foo"
local bar="bar"

function printString(string) --this is only an example as one of my functions has this same concept.

print(foo," ",bar)
printString("foo ",bar)
printString(foo," ",bar)

This is the result i get:
foo bar

Note how line 3 of output was empty and line 2 was not printed fully.

Can anyone tell me why is this?

Make terminal output scrollable?

16 December 2019 - 11:48 PM

Is this possible? Say if someone used either their mouse wheel or keyboard up down buttons?

also can I then get the click location of said scrollable terminal screen?

Best way to multitask?

15 December 2019 - 12:09 AM

Ok so I've noticed a few things creating unwanted lag because these things "hold" things up.

So. Question is:
Windows or Coroutines?
Or is there a better way still?


Tollway by CreeperGoBoom

14 December 2019 - 04:31 AM

Current Release: v2.2 STABLE
Post Edit: 11/01/2020 3:25PM UTC+10:00
Latest Topic Update: Updated upcoming features for 2.3

Ever wanted to set up toll points for public spaces? Or just wanted to give yourself that lovely ecoserver type feeling? ;)

Look no further.

This system currently works on Display name and item id, So very useful for password type things.

Apologies for my bluntness ;) . I will add screenshots etc of how this works in-game.

Regarding Auto Updater:
The Auto updater allows me to push non-important updates. Eg: appearance coding.
In other words, so long as you have auto-update enabled and have an internet connection it updates regardless.
if your config version is different to release version. your tollway will reboot to apply the downloaded update imemdiately.
This means you always have the updated version. Even if it doesn't show all of the changes right away before an update push.

This Update (v2.2 STABLE):
-Now works for MC1,12.2
-Easy Autoupdate toggling. Using the var autoUpdate near the top of the code.
-Hungry mode option. Now with item name and ID checking!

Next Update: V2.3 STABLE:
-Plethora tollway control. Using the Redstone Integrator and Manipulator. With more to come.
-Optional - Entry and No Entry screens.

Features under consideration:
-(my idea): Destination storage checking? Will check how full the destination inventory or chest is and alert you. Undecided how worthy this is to add.or how it will work.
-(my idea): Opencomputers tollway control integration
-(my idea): Opencomputers Tollway Edition

More info to come!

-If toll less than 64 and stack is less than toll. it will take stack and toll cost from the next stack.
if total chest count is or more than the toll cost and each stack is less than toll it will empty the chest without opening. however, all counts taken are counted towards debt.
So make sure you are shift-clicking or alt-shift-clicking your payment in so it auto stacks. (or use Merge button if have)
-Similar regarding hungry mode. However hungry mode is notably faster in terms of access speed.
Have added item condensing capabilities to keep these bugs under wraps.
-Hungry mode does not use note block (yet)

How it works:
You select all the options you want in the Easy Setup Config Wizard at first start. And it will handle your config file for you.
For certain updates. There might be a few patching questions to bring your config up to speed.
Check out update info to see if you need to answer any questions for update.

-3 modes of operation: freepass, debt-toll, and perma-toll
-Hungry mode for paid types with ID checking if set up.
-Easy Setup Config Wizard (ESCW)
-Status Screen (ESCW) (Optional)

-Display a title of your choosing on the Status screen (Optional)
-Display debt info if using debt-toll on Status screen (Optional)
-Note Block use for Insufficient funds (ESCW) (Optional)
-Peripheral Checking for chests and status screens (ESCW)
-Container size verification (ESCW)
-Networking Interface (ESCW)
-Auto Self Updating - Silent

-Current config screen for reference whilst setting up your wiring etc
-Select almost any amount for toll
-Redstone or Bundled cable output

Status screen example:

It is not recommended to change the config unless you know exactly what you are doing.
Remember: If trouble stirs, simply delete config and restart.

Documentation still to be finished!

How to set up:

Regarding Patcher:
I have been able to patch up everything myself to a point. So updating over shouldn't be an issue. But if I've missed something. I apologize. And I recommend that you delete config and restart.

For those who had V2.1 STABLE and prior:
You will be asked to enter a network name of the chest or inventory used to deposit items.
Due to how CC now has wired modem blocks. It is now much easier to network all chests or inventories and allow the network to handle item moving.

Examples of tollway setups:
Here's my testing setup to show you guys.
Remember. Items can pass through network cables but not any computers themselves.
Posted Image

More setup examples still to come!

Other possible uses:
-Password point.
-Item dispenser, give players something in return for a cost.
-Possibly many more.

-To avoid errors the maximum toll you can set in config is consize x 64. Unless set to hungry mode.
-If there are any problems. it is recommended to delete config and restart

This program is under constant updating.
So check back occasionally if you want for feature updates etc.
Enjoy your tollway :)

Feel free to share your weird and wonderful creations and other uses (I would be very curious what some of you guys come up with)

If you guys have any ideas for the tollway let me know below. You will receive full credit for your idea if it has or will be added on this topic and code as has Lupus590.

In future versions all prints not within config screen will be removed as the program is finalized. Keeping only your config screen visible. Let me know if you think there should be any specific prints anywhere or if I should keep any of the existing prints. And once again you will receive credit for your contribution.
(cleaned up the topic a bit)

Code: https://pastebin.com/QEai09dx

Changelog: https://pastebin.com/A1yHeBZ0

If you require the updater for any reason it is here:

I have also added an os.reboot() and renamed "autoupdate" to "update" to simplify the updater