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Action #1: Eliminate "CC-only" or "Minimalist" servers. These do nothing but pander to a tiny fraction of the CC community, and often cause huge amounts of drama when people ask to add more mods.
This one's always going to be contentious either way. Personal opinion: when you have any large number of mods, the server becomes indistinguishable from any other modded server, and CC gets barely used. Restrictions breed creativity, and servers like SwitchCraft which force(d) people to use CC (and peripheral mods) for mining, item management, etc... have produced far more interesting things than most heavily modded servers.

I prefer using CC as a highly-compact Redstone substitute, not a universal machine capable of doing everything. Switchcraft died for a reason.
SwitchCraft had a bad time because of neglect from the staff members, especially since Lem left to focus on their life, CC just kept it alive.

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17 August 2019 - 05:00 PM

Modpack completely redesigned for performance!