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#108255 Advanced Mining Turtle - Ore Quarry

Posted by pacfish on 09 April 2013 - 11:32 PM in Turtle Programs

I was wondering if there was a easy way to add for the turtle to pickup items on it's forward dig. (specifically rails)
Currently it's set to head back to the surface if it's full on block break. Adding the the pickup command after and then repeating the inventory works but 1 it's not efficient and 2 if the turtle heads back after picking up a block he won't try and pick up exactly where he left off. Adding that in as like a chest feature would be nice.

While this isn't what your intentions where with the quarry program it be nice to see someone do it as well as yours (I'll try) but that diamond ore under the bedrock needs to get mined! I'm currently working on a 3D maze solver for just this purpose in java. It stays in it's legal limits but tries every way possible to get to the finish, in this case below bedrock.

Already modified it to accept different side lengths rectangles.