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#57529 Measure 3.0 by zachdyer

Posted by zachdyer on 08 December 2012 - 05:32 AM in Turtle Programs

Now you can use the turtle to measure any direction and use the measure api in your scripts.

1. Added "measure right"
2. Added "measure left"
3. Added "measure up"
4. Added "measure down"

1. Now you can measure up. ex: type "measure up".


1. Download 'measure' script
2. Set turtle down facing the direction you want to measure
3. Set block at the end of the measurement.
4. Go to turtle and type "measure" or whatever you named the script
5. When turtle comes back read the measurement

1. Download measure.api
2. Use os.loadAPI("measureapi") in your script

- measureapi.forward() will measure forward
- measureapi.back() will measure back
- measureapi.left() will measure left
- measureapi.right() will measure right
- measureapi.up() will measure up
- measureapi.down() will measure down