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EASISTORE - sensor powered auto warehouse

fredthead's Photo fredthead 22 Feb 2013


Here is a video of my new creation:

The EASISTORE is an openCCSensor powered warehouse.

It can hold 73 different item types. These can be searched for by name.

If an item is being stored it will first check to see if there is already some of that item in storage. If so it will put the new ones in the same place.

If it is new to the system it will use the first empty slot.

If you remove an item it will freed up it's position for a new item

Alerith's Photo Alerith 22 Feb 2013

Wow excellent! Pastebin? I really like it!

Cranium's Photo Cranium 23 Feb 2013

Now you just have to make this bigger. Make it able to store any number of items. Warehouse 14 anyone?

fredthead's Photo fredthead 27 Feb 2013

Thanks, how about a world download

I used the Feed the Beast Direwolf20 pack with additional openCCSensors installed
The pack has been updated since but I think it should work still.