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Tron game [WIP][Multiplayer]

PixelToast's Photo PixelToast 23 Apr 2013

i made this in the past 2 days
there are many glitches atm, and some inefficient rendering in the title screen (the game has no lag at 10FPS though)
it also spams rednet every frame so dont get mad at me CCU, but it only broadcasts once
the other player seems to be randomly late 1 frame, i plan on fixing that
now for the pictures!
Posted Image
basically, you are an arrow and leave a trail
touch a trail and you die
the screen will move to put you in the center and the background grid will scroll
there is a border, its pretty far away but try not to get trapped
Posted Image



Spongy141's Photo Spongy141 23 Apr 2013

Nice, you should also make a single player version, so it the user will verse the "computer".

PixelToast's Photo PixelToast 23 Apr 2013

yea i will eventually, havent really planned on how the AI would work though
for now you will have to stick with real people Posted Image

Spongy141's Photo Spongy141 23 Apr 2013

Lol I was going to put the picture of the foreveralone guy... but I got lazy, anyways, have the AI log the users input, then react on it, obviously have it have 3 settings, easy medium and hard, and if you really want the user to have a challenge, extra hardcore.

PixelToast's Photo PixelToast 23 Apr 2013

lol, already attacking my own program
while true do
if b=="TRON:pingcon" then
  rednet.send(a,'"MOVE",{x=1000,y=1000},"Hacked by PixelToast"')

Spongy141's Photo Spongy141 23 Apr 2013

Lol, I imagine some people will cheat on this game though.

PixelToast's Photo PixelToast 23 Apr 2013

possible things:
  • godmode
  • crashing user's program
  • showing messages
  • teleportation
  • custom text trails
  • forcing user to ctrl-t
  • killing user by placing trail infront of them
i made sure you couldnt run arbitrary code though :P :P :P

remiX's Photo remiX 23 Apr 2013

Wow this is pretty sick xD Nice

theoriginalbit's Photo theoriginalbit 23 Apr 2013

Very nice and simple program. Good to see another game! :)

2 things:
  • You spelt 'Waiting for player' wrong, you had 'Wating'
  • You need to tell the user when there is no modem, atm it just crashes

View PostPixelToast, on 23 April 2013 - 03:11 PM, said:

havent really planned on how the AI would work though
What do you mean? Its not much to plan, you just need to have it use some basic AI techniques
  • Basic actions are controlled by Finite State Machine
  • Seek/Flee the player (including some Wander when evading)
  • If you ever implement teams then you may want to add Weighted Group Behaviour when they are within proximity (i.e. follow the leader which may be pursuing the player, then they can 'peel' off to attempt to trap the player)

PixelToast's Photo PixelToast 24 Apr 2013

meh, fixed
i could have listed 10 more errors not "you spelled it wrong" and "the user forgot to put a modem on for a multiplayer game"
i already knew how it would act, i was talking about how to make it know all these different tactics
all i have now is it taking the path that will least likely get it killed

TheOddByte's Photo TheOddByte 24 Apr 2013

I.. Must.. Test.. This...
Can't right now... Since i'm on my phone, This seems nice anyway :)

thegreatstudio's Photo thegreatstudio 02 May 2013

can you make it a single player with npcs !!

KaoS's Photo KaoS 03 May 2013

Great looking game Pixel, unfortunitely I'm not much of a CC multiplayer guy, wish I could try it out

TeaPartyIdiot's Photo TeaPartyIdiot 05 May 2013

Is this compatible with basic (non-color) terminals?

PixelToast's Photo PixelToast 05 May 2013

View PostTeaPartyIdiot, on 05 May 2013 - 02:04 PM, said:

Is this compatible with basic (non-color) terminals?
no, if you want you can run this a the top:
term.setBackgroundColor=function() end
term.setTextColor=function() end
wouldnt error, but you wont be able to tell background lines from foreground
i would suggest you invest in some gold :P

ETHANATOR360's Photo ETHANATOR360 06 May 2013

cool looking game like the hacking :P

Geforce Fan's Photo Geforce Fan 16 Jul 2013

Lol I remember playing this with you on Wired's and then I won by trapping you and you raged and killed me :3
lol I was having a lot of beginner's luck on that

HaloWarZone's Photo HaloWarZone 22 Jul 2013

this looks cool great good so far

Thib0704's Photo Thib0704 24 Jul 2013

This is AMAZING, I love it !!

reububble's Photo reububble 04 Aug 2013

I was going to create this about the same time it was posted, glad I didn't try because it's already here.

Is it a good idea for someone to please create a recording of how this works for advertisement sake?
I don't feel compelled to check it out unless I see it's good...
Please? :D