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Teporarily: Leaving programming in lua and...


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Do you want to add a monitor support to Orange OS?

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thegreatstudio's Photo thegreatstudio 31 May 2013

Hey guys! I won't be programming on Lua because I am focusing at my job. I know C/C++ Programming, and java, I am better on that programming langueges. But this is only temporarily and soon I can make a program on CC. And Yeah Bye guys! To all pro-programmers that help, Thanks for helping and teaching. To staff: Please do not remove my title when I temporarily leave.XD lol. Bye guys! And please vote for orange next update, Thanks :)/>/>

Mads's Photo Mads 31 May 2013

No-one cares, stop making these stupid threads.

Cloudy's Photo Cloudy 31 May 2013

Good luck, but no one cares tbh.