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[1.2.5]GAPS CC + RedPower Server 24/7

samrg472's Photo samrg472 02 Jul 2012

@columna1 approved

Divide_By_0's Photo Divide_By_0 02 Jul 2012

Hey Its Ryan . thanks for the Nick :P/> Its very helpful. But me and another Guy(Columna) were just on server i got a Java error and its not fucking back!
Could i ask you why? Samrg?
Your Are as Offended By My Fucking Profanity as i am by your stupidity.

Divide_By_0's Photo Divide_By_0 02 Jul 2012

 samrg472, on 02 July 2012 - 02:43 AM, said:

@columna1 approved

They're Two very good players. You Made the Right choice Greylisting Them :P/>
There very good with working in minecraft as a team :)/> Perfect match

1v2's Photo 1v2 02 Jul 2012

This topic is no longer maintained. Please apply here: link

max1220's Photo max1220 02 Jul 2012

Hey! I want to apply...
I already played on this server for a while, before you have to apply.
And I still want to play on this server :P/>

Thanks.... :)/>

alakazard12's Photo alakazard12 03 Jul 2012

Can I apply for member??
IGN: alakazard12

I wanna join cause its computercraft and I like computercraft and I dont grief :/

timboiscool's Photo timboiscool 10 Jul 2012

I wanna apply I was a known member before the map restart.

IGN: Timboiscool9
Real name: Tim van Osch

More information:

Maybe u remember me from the tree farm i made and the hangman game?
I used to work at linux.
Well i'm pretty experienced with lua i started programming on when i was 8 years with visual basic.
I learned the basics of most languages out there like:

Expression 2 (
This one is from Garrys mod i played that game for more then 2000 hours in total probably programmed 1900 hours from them i didnt like really building more the holograms stuff but back ontopic)

I am pretty experienced with:


a little bit CSS.

If you got any questions about me just ask them.

Thanks tim.

dragoon12's Photo dragoon12 13 Jul 2012

i would like to apply for membership on the server my in game name is dragoon2 im also good with
programming a little

dragoon12's Photo dragoon12 14 Jul 2012

why does the server keep on shutting down?

timboiscool's Photo timboiscool 15 Jul 2012

 dragoon12, on 13 July 2012 - 06:28 PM, said:

i would like to apply for membership on the server my in game name is dragoon2 im also good with
programming a little

THIS topic is old there is a new topic about this server go there.

Kamikaze's Photo Kamikaze 24 Jul 2012

Hey this is my app:
IGN: KamikazeeCreeper
From: Spain
CC knowledge: basics
I would like to play and share my programs with other people :)/>

KingMachine's Photo KingMachine 25 Jul 2012

msg me if you want information.