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Copy From Disk

DarkNinja2462's Photo DarkNinja2462 20 Feb 2012

So I know how to copy a program TO a disk, but I don't know how to copy a program FROM a disk.
Plz Help ;)/>

Advert's Photo Advert 20 Feb 2012

Type 'copy disk/stuff stuff' in your shell, replacing disk and stuff with the diskdrive and name of your file.

DarkNinja2462's Photo DarkNinja2462 22 Feb 2012

is the diskdrive the side?

Advert's Photo Advert 22 Feb 2012

 DarkNinja2462, on 22 February 2012 - 12:04 AM, said:

is the diskdrive the side?

No; this would be the directory the disk is in.

copy disk2/file file
would copy disk2/file to file on your computer.

streetstar5's Photo streetstar5 22 Feb 2012

If you have drives on all 6 sides of a Computer with disk inside. The order is Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left and then Right.
So Disk to Disk5

Selkitty's Photo Selkitty 22 Feb 2012

I have a program that does this, look at the code and the code for the program I made to download it from cc-get it'll show the diffrence between the two ^^ Post is here