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awsmazinggenius's Photo awsmazinggenius 04 Feb 2014

We have lots of decent, high-quality tutorials here on the forums, but more basic stuff on the wiki, like door locks and Redstone output. Would it be possible to use the content here on use forums to create a set of Tutorials on the wiki? We have the AaP Renewal Project, but that honestly seems like the kind of thing for the wiki, as the wiki has features such as templates, so you could use a consistent template detailing a function, for example. I've created this topic to out the idea out there and have an open discussion about this. I personally feel like the wiki has been a bit abandoned for a while - I think Lyqyd might be the only active mod with permissions on the wiki (but I'm not entirely sure, so don't quote me), but unfourtanetely the forums here are so busy that there isn't any time to deal with the wiki.

oeed's Photo oeed 26 Mar 2014

If a list was compiled I'd be quite happy to copy some of them across.