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A touch interactive base/ICBM control room...

Falcon333's Photo Falcon333 22 Mar 2016

Please forgive the formatting, I'm very new to the forum's and feel good enough at computercraft to finally post.

To cut to the chase here is the Imgur album showing and explaining everything: http://imgur.com/a/MKWt7

If you want some background read here first or after:

I spent about 2 weeks prototyping and designing a way to fill my desire of having a totally monitored and controlled underground base. And the result was this.

This is not one, but rather many computers working in harmony to create the best base and ICBM control system I could. Their is 1 main PC, which writes the text on the main monitor that you the player mainly interacts with, this computer communicates with 2 other computers. These two computers do the writing of the other monitors seen in the control room.

The computer responsible for the options and controls is also a real router. It encapsulates and repeats vague messages from the main PC into direct and distinguishable commands the "slaves" can use.

The slaves are at the bottom of the hierarchy. They connect to all the systems and redstone around the base controlling the doors, lights and traps.

I can explain much better in pictures so please if you haven't already check out the Imgur album here: http://imgur.com/a/MKWt7

Thanks for your time :) I really hope everyone enjoys my little creation. I've moved onto other projects but still have all the code and files so this project will never really be dead. I don't think I'll be posting source code, it's absolutely all over the place and I can't see other people being able to follow it.

I'm more than happy to answer and questions you may post, and I'm also happy to take opinions and criticism.

Lyqyd's Photo Lyqyd 22 Mar 2016

Moved to Media. Posts in the Programs section require code.

Quartz101's Photo Quartz101 27 Mar 2016

This is amazing!

Falcon333's Photo Falcon333 28 Mar 2016

View PostQuartz101, on 27 March 2016 - 10:48 PM, said:

This is amazing!

Thankyou :) I spent a little while making it.