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Click Helper

DesertEagle-2000's Photo DesertEagle-2000 26 Jun 2016

A small program that can generate click event's for you!

What does it feature?
  • A GUI
  • An image loader (Meaning you can add images to it!)
  • A redo button (Z)
  • A draw or don't draw button (D)
  • You can click in all angles!
  • A help button (H)

What does it do?
  • It draw's red filled boxes on the position's you click at. When you press W and then Y, and then ENTER, it write's the selected click fields in a file called "event.listener", which you, once your done, can copy and paste the data it into your programs!

How do you use it?
  • Press C so you can make a new click field.
  • Click on the first start position.
  • The click on the next position.
  • Now there should be a red filled box on screen.
  • Repeat the above steps untill you're done
  • If you're done, press W then Y then ENTER(See third screenshot). The code has been written in "event.listener".



The only limitation right now is that you can add only one image.

See any bug's or have any suggestions? Let me know!

Hope you find this program usefull!


P.S. DesertEagle_2000 is my minecraft name =)
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thecrimulo's Photo thecrimulo 18 Jul 2016

It would be cool that it had a kind of tiled background to see where are you clicking, but good job, i like it!