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ComputerCraft Discord Server

Lyqyd's Photo Lyqyd 27 Feb 2017

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You could always join the IRC channel, of course.

vico's Photo vico 28 Feb 2017

A good thing to integrate both preferences (Discord and IRC) is to use a relay bot, the Railcraft server (channel in Lyqyd opinion) uses that.

Gumball's Photo Gumball 15 Mar 2017

Title explains it. Hoping for a response from a moderator

Lyqyd's Photo Lyqyd 16 Mar 2017

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HydroNitrogen's Photo HydroNitrogen 12 Aug 2018

Hello guys, the server got a big update and some things were renewed to provide you with a better experience! Read the edited post for more information. See you in the server!

HydroNitrogen's Photo HydroNitrogen 17 Feb 2019

Some reorganisation of channels happened!

There's now the category archive where I moved some obsolete and/or unused channels. These channels are read-only if you need to extract information, however are subject to deletion. We'll probably keep them in archive for a few months.

Moreover a new channel #resources popped up from the horizon - shiny and new, it's experimental to see how much demand is for it - Here you can post things you found useful along your journey of programming - stuff you didn't make but you think may help out others. Not for advertising your own stuff. Also definitely not for chatting.

All these changes were suggested by the community in #meta - if you have a say, feedback or advice regarding something, go there and explain yourself!

Have a good day!

HydroNitrogen's Photo HydroNitrogen 04 Feb 2020

Whew! The original post mentioned that there are over 150 members in the server. Well, it seems people are having a good time, because we are currently over 700 (!) members already! I really welcome everyone to join the fun, if you aren't already doing so! See you at https://discord.gg/H2UyJXe

LDDestroier's Photo LDDestroier 04 Feb 2020

I think it stands to reason that this is the de-facto ComputerCraft discord server. And what with Dan200's abandonment of CC and SquidDev's ownership of the server and development of the most-used CC variation, who's to say it's not the official CC discord server?
Edited by LDDestroier, 04 February 2020 - 10:44 PM.

SquidDev's Photo SquidDev 05 Feb 2020

 LDDestroier, on 04 February 2020 - 10:43 PM, said:

SquidDev's ownership of the server
Nope - I'm an admin, but Hydro is well and truly king.