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aaronmallen's Photo aaronmallen 29 Oct 2016

This is a project I contributed to by Eric Wieser to that allows read only access to github projects.



Seen these cool projects on github? Pain to download? This program is for you!

The easiest way to install this project on your computercraft computer is by running:
pastebin run p8PJVxC4 [<branch>|<tag>]

The branch or tag argument is optional, and defaults to 'master'.

Cloning a repo

github clone <user>/<repo> [-b <branchname> | -t <tagname>] [<destination>] [-a <username>]

The branch and tag arguments are optional, and default to 'master'. You may only specify a branch or tag, you may not specify both.
The destination folder is optional, and defaults to the current folder name. Watch out - this script will happily overwrite any existing files!
The Authentication argument is optional. You must first create a user with github auth (see below) to use the authorized requests.
> github clone eric-wieser/computercraft-github ccgit
Discovering files...
[============================================] 100%
> ls ccgit
apis programs
github readme.md

Adding Authentication

To use authenticated requests you must first create a github api token on your github account. You do not need to provide any api scopes for the token unless you plan on accessing private repositories.
github auth <user> [<api token> | -d]

The delete argument is optional and will delete the specified user.
Warning: data provided to github auth will be stored locally on the computercraft computer. You can delete the access token at anytime by hitting the delete button in your personal access tokens menu on github.

Thanks to David Kolf for his dkjson module, which made parsing github APIs possible.
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