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joshgreat's Photo joshgreat 21 Dec 2016

hey guys back at it again with the ask a pro. need help fixing this program it is the first file of WOS 2.0 soo ye.


Lupus590's Photo Lupus590 21 Dec 2016

Gah my eyes!
Indent your code.
Posted Image

Also, what is the issue? Is there an error message? What is the code doing which is different from what you want it to be doing?

houseofkraft's Photo houseofkraft 21 Dec 2016

I found out the issue, Line 28 says

print("hi",u1,"your account has been made")
It should be
print("Hi "..u1..", You're account has successfully been created.")

EDIT: I also found another issue in your code. For line 69 to 74 you need to replace , with ..
Edited by houseofkraft, 21 December 2016 - 09:50 PM.

KingofGamesYami's Photo KingofGamesYami 21 Dec 2016

Line 28 is a perfectly valid method of passing arguments to print.

houseofkraft's Photo houseofkraft 21 Dec 2016

I'm going to debug the code and see what is wrong with this.

EDIT: Line 59 and 62 should be fs.open not open
Edited by houseofkraft, 21 December 2016 - 09:58 PM.

joshgreat's Photo joshgreat 24 Dec 2016

tried that and it said
startup:60: attempt to call nil

TheRockettek's Photo TheRockettek 24 Dec 2016

why you opening then closing files on lines 17-20. When using fs.open, it automatically creates the file if it doesnt exist so theres no point in that

KingofGamesYami's Photo KingofGamesYami 24 Dec 2016

That should be

I think you could gain a lot by checking out the wiki.