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CCKit: UIKit for ComputerCraft

JackMacWindows's Photo JackMacWindows 11 Nov 2018

I created this project a few months ago when I realized how easy UI development is for ComputerCraft for a seasoned programmer, and how Apple's UIKit is easy to develop with on real devices. But I just realized I never really released this to the public, so I'm putting this up here real quick. CCKit allows you to use your knowledge on programming iOS with ComputerCraft. It features many similar classes to the real UIKit, such as CCViewController and CCView. As with iOS, every user interface element is a subclass of CCView, and they can be nested inside each other. Here is a demo application, showing a window, button, image, and text:

Posted Image

This is in really early stages of development and is buggy and missing many features. You can find the source code and info on how to use it here: https://github.com/MCJack123/CCKit