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Mineboy - ComputerCraft GameBoy Color emul...

JSH32's Photo JSH32 24 Aug 2022

ComputerCraft GameBoy Color emulator with streaming server

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Video usage: https://www.youtube....h?v=cBW4aGlNsOE

How does this work?
Although possible, the Lua runtime within ComputerCraft is far too slow to run a GB/GBC emulator effectively.
MineBoy works by using a server/client combo. With a server which runs on NodeJS outside of CC, and a client which is running within CC and connecting to the server by using a WebSocket. The server allows multiple emulator instances on different CC computers and is able to maintain this at an almost native framerate.

  • Streaming GB/GBC from cloud.
  • Saving save files to floppy disk.
  • Multiple clients.
  • Handheld remote controller using rednet.
Download & Install
This is more complicated to use than the average ComputerCraft program, beware.
Instructions located on the github: https://github.com/JSH32/MineBoy

EveryOS's Photo EveryOS 08 Sep 2022

Wow, that's so cool!